Canal Cooking

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Our Canal Cooking Course is for both competent cooks and those who have difficulty in boiling an egg! It is designed to show you how you can prepare and cook tasty and nutritious meals. Learn how to cook in the confines of an average narrowboat galley using ingredients that are easy to store aboard.

Courses are lead by Terry Saul who is a trained Nautical Chef and long term live aboard boater. The course will show you how a limited set of ingredients can be transformed into many different types of meals. You will also get to know how you can further experiment by adding your own favourite ingredients or flavours.

It is easy to see what meal variations  can be made using our unique “Meal Wheels” and base recipes. We show you how to use only ingredients that are to hand without the chore of thumbing through endless cook books.

As well as the cooking skills you will be shown Terry will talk about food hygiene and the correct and safe way to store food as well as staples which are always useful to have in the cupboard

The course is held in the Galley of our training boat the Gwendoline May. Each student will be preparing and cooking a dish which will then be tasted by everybody.

Prior to the course students will be provided with a list of dishes so that they can choose those that they want to cook during the course. The list will also show what ingredients will be supplied as part of the course and what ingredients the student will need to bring. It is also suggested that the student brings some containers to allow them to bring home any food that they have cooked and not eaten.

Course Details

Duration: 2 days

Location: Gwendoline May

Cost: £120

Maximum # students 4

Minimum # students 2

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