Boating Safely – New First Aid Course Launched

Boating Safely – New First Aid Course Launched

At NBSC we’ve always stressed the importance of boating safely and all of our on board courses show you how to boat safely to minimise the possibilities of accidents.

However the very nature of narrowboating means that we are frequently in remote locations a long way and a long time from any professional help and if accidents or unforeseen circumstances do happen very often we are not equipped to deal with them.

Boating SafelyImagine

you are in one of those idyllic locations we all love, in the middle of nowhere, a 15 min walk along the towpath to the nearest road bridge,  miles from any hospital or ambulance station and, as always happens, with poor cell phone reception.
Imagine then that your boating partner has a heart attack or stroke. WHAT DO YOU DO!!!!

ImagineBoating Safely

you are at one of those remote flights of locks and your boating partner trips and badly gashes their leg on a sharp edge of the winding gear and is bleeding profusely. WHAT DO YOU DO!!!!

We all hope that we will never be in one of the situations above but these are not under our control and being able to deal with them quickly in the correct manner can men the difference between a nasty situation and a catastrophe.

NBSC are proud to announce that we are now offering the RYA First Aid Course which is specifically designed for boaters with our own Narrowboating emphasis. Lead by Nick Hughes who has years of First Aid Training experience this one day course will equip you to handle the most common situations which could arise until help arrives.

Boating Safely Package

Because we really want encourage boating safely for every one and we think that basic First Aid is a skill that everybody should have we are offering our Boating Safely Package which consists of our RYA Inland Waterways Helmsmans Course plus our RYA First aid course at a massive discount of £385 for the two courses, a saving of  £90 over the individual prices. For past students who have attended our IWH course we are offering special price of £60 for the course. Please contact us at for details