Boat Maintenance II

Heating schematic

The NBSC Boat Maintenance II course

The Boat Maintenance II course is a direct result of requests from our students on our original Boat Maintenance Course for a more detailed coverage of the two most common areas of maintenance i.e. electrics and plumbing and heating.

Aimed at those people who are keen to do more demanding maintenance tasks and troubleshooting or those who are looking to do some refitting work. The course offers a practical introduction to the design, materials, tools and techniques of projects that are within the reach of people who have little hands on experience of this type of work.

Electrical Systems

  1. Basic electrical theory, volts, amps, watts and resistance.

  2. Calculation of voltage drop and wire sizes.

  3. 12 / 24v Domestic Circuit design, breakers, fuses, lighting, pumps

  4. 12 / 24v Engine room design, cable sizing, battery types and sizes, split charging.

  5. 240v Circuit Design

  6. Cable termination and labelling

  7. Alternate energy sources, Solar, Wind, Generators and travel packs

  8. Practical circuit installation including lighting, pumps, 240v, combi’s and solar panels

  9. Testing and fault finding.

Plumbing and heating

  1. Basic system design, components and requirements, Domestic hot and cold water, grey and black waste. wet central heating systems.

  2. Heat sources, diesel heaters, solid fuel heaters, waste heat recovery

  3. Types of pipework and fittings including copper, plastic, waste and sanitary.

  4. Practical Pipework

  5. Testing installation

Hull Maintenance

  1. Blacking

  2. Anodes

As well as these subjects, and if time permits, other subjects can be covered by request.


Course Details

Duration: 2 days

Location: Classroom

Cost: £170

Maximum # students 8

Minimum # students 3

Picture of central heating system

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