Boat Fitting 1 course

Our Boat Fitting 1  course is aimed at those people who are keen to complete fit out of a sail-away.

The course offers a practical introduction to all the skills necessary to achieve a fully lined-out boat from a bare shell. Whenever possible we spend a high proportion of the course “on the tools” giving students a chance to experience using a wide range of tools.

Because we know that a course like this is only the beginning of a self build we encourage students to contact their instructor afterwards when they are actually in the build if the have any questions or need advice.

This course is the first in our Boat Building suite of courses which include the Boat Fitting 1 Course,  Boat Fitting (second Stage) , Boat Electric Systems (Design and Installation) and Boat Plumbing Heating and Engine Installation

These course can be booked individually, however if you book two or more courses at the same time they attract a significant discount.

The Boat Fitting 1 course includes:

  1. Ballasting including types and installation

  2. Floor bearers and battening cabin sides and deck head i.e.

    1. materials,

    2. setup

    3. fixing

  3. Lining windows and portholes including hand routing linings

  4. Insulation i.e.

    1. types,

    2. preparation,

    3. installation,

    4. clean up

  5. Cabin Side Lining i.e.

    1. material selection and preparation,

    2. tools for cutting sheets, shapes and cutouts,

    3. fixing (multi tools, hand routing etc)

  6. Flooring i.e.

    1. subfloors,

    2. preparation,

    3. laying,

    4. access panels

  7. Deckhead options i.e.

    1. material selection,

    2. preparation and installation

  8. Bulkheads i.e.

    1. materials,

    2. measuring up and cutting,

    3. installation including pocket hole joinery.

As well as these subjects, and if time permits, other subjects can be covered by request.

Included in the course cost are:

Students are provided with a PDF copy of all teaching materials used

We provide hot and cold drinks throughout the day and also a light lunch. Please inform us when you book if you have any special dietary requirements.

Course Details

Duration: 2 days

Location: Classroom

Cost: £290

Maximum # students 4

Minimum # students 3

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26 September 2020
Boat Fitting (First Stage)

Student Reviews

Really enjoyed it will be back!


Enjoyable course would do another one.


Good balance of theory and practical. Practical's were really helpful


Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Well Done


Thoroughly enjoyed it, really got me going on the right track


Great instruction. I look forward to seeing you for another course in the future.


All round good course


Instructors have a wealth of knowledge and experience which is pitched at just the right tempo. A generous amount of time allowed for discussion is excellent and well controlled. A brilliant little course


Hands on practical application of theoretical information into a real situation - a good balance of doing, learning and theory - Lunch was cracking! Great Course, great pace, knowledge of Steve x 2 was brilliant, Thank You both.


Excellent, knowledgeable instructors, open to questions and happy to be flexible in content. A good balance of theory and practical