Boat Fitting

Electrical distribution block diagram

NBSC Boat Fitting course how to fit out a boat or do a major boat refit

This Boat Fitting course is aimed at two types of people. Either those who are contemplating fitting out a sail-away or those who are doing a major refit to an existing boat.
Please note that on a 2 day course its impossible to completely cover every topic in any depth that might be needed to completely fit out a sailaway. Therefore the course will be tailored (as much as possible) to cover those areas requested by the attendees from the list below:

  1. BSC and RCD schemes and how they affect you
  2. Initial steps, battening, insulation and ballast
  3. Overall layout and design
  4. Electrical systems, design and installation.
  5. Gas and gas appliances
  6. Hot and cold water systems, design and installation
  7. Stoves and heating systems, choosing and installing
  8. Toilets, types, installation, grey and black water systems
  9. Engine installation and fuel systems
  10. Basic woodworking techniques.

To give you a little more information on typical course content we have expanded the Electrical and Plumbing topics below:

Electrical Systems

  1. Basic electrical theory, volts, amps, watts and resistance.
  2. Calculation of voltage drop and wire sizes.
  3. 12 / 24v Domestic Circuit design, breakers, fuses, lighting, pumps
  4. 12 / 24v Engine room design, cable sizing, battery types and sizes, split charging.
  5. 240v Circuit Design
  6. Cable termination and labelling
  7. Practical circuit installation
  8. Testing and fault finding.


  1. Basic system design, components and requirements
  2. Types of pipework and fittings
  3. Practical Pipework
  4. Testing installation

As well as these subjects, time permitting, other relevant  boat fitting subjects can be covered by request.


Course Details

Duration: 2 days

Location: Classroom

Cost: £250

Maximum # students 8

Minimum # students 3

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Heating schematic
Picture of central heating system

Student Reviews

Really enjoyed it will be back!


Enjoyable course would do another one.


Good balance of theory and practical. Practical's were really helpful


Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Well Done


Thoroughly enjoyed it, really got me going on the right track


Great instruction. I look forward to seeing you for another course in the future.


All round good course


Instructors have a wealth of knowledge and experience which is pitched at just the right tempo. A generous amount of time allowed for discussion is excellent and well controlled. A brilliant little course


Hands on practical application of theoretical information into a real situation - a good balance of doing, learning and theory - Lunch was cracking! Great Course, great pace, knowledge of Steve x 2 was brilliant, Thank You both.


Excellent, knowledgeable instructors, open to questions and happy to be flexible in content. A good balance of theory and practical